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INDRICOTHERIUM transouralicum - 2009

life size sculpture (5,5mt H x 8mt L)

Produced by Mauro Scaggiante's GEOMODEL, under artistic supervision of Andrea Leanza and under scientific supervision of paleontologist Simone Maganuco from Natural History Museum of Milan.
Design by Davide Bonadonna
I sculpted the 1:10 scale model following palaeontologist's directions. Then the maquette was subjected to "optical scan" and it's been sculpted in life size by a milling machine out of big blocks of polystirene.
Later we had to refine all the texture by hand with the sandpaper, I worked on sculpting the head and feet texture and other three people worked on the body texture under my supervision, I also sculpted ears and tail from scratch.
Then everything has been covered with epoxy resin, then with wax and later on moulded and cast in polyester resin.

Moulding, casting and workshop people: Mauro Scaggiante, Antonio "Toni" Massari, Dimitri "Dima" Bita, Gabriele, Claudio Donà, Mara Scaggiante.
Painters: Claudio Donà, Andrea Leanza.

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